Automatic positions check search engines

Our service offers absolutely free possibility to check the position of your site in search engines. For this it is enough to register in the 1lytics one time, to set up a project - and that’s all, that’s will do. The positions will be verified automatically once a day. You can visit it from time to time and analyze the results, view reports, graphs, tables.

Why free? Because our business, which consists in the provision of analytics for the visitors of the site and the provision of related free services, helping in development. In connection with the fact that search engines are trying to ban unreal users in the functioning of the positions testing, the basic costs are directed to maintain a large number of IPs, proxys and their regular replacement. That is why there is no absolutely free service up to now. But we chose another way. Verification of the positions will be done by our php script on your hosting. You will just download it and put it to you, then you will specify the url in the project of it. The 1lytics will apply to this script one time a day to check the position of your website, after that it will add the result to our database. If you have one hosting (and one IP), you can check the positions from 10 to 2000 keywords on a daily basis depending on the number of search engines and the depth of the search. For example, if you select a verification of the positions in, and the depth of the search 600 (60 requests to Google for 10 positions), you can handle about 50 keywords. If you will reducethe search to 100, you will be able to process 300 keywords. If you will ask a friend to put our script to him, opportunities will be increased in two times. And if you will specify in the project 1lytics proxy...

Brief instruction

1. Log on to the system 1lytics (button «Register» at the top).

2. Log in to the system. Go to the menu item «Projects». Press «Add project» (triangle at the title), a sub-menu will appear. Then enter the project name and a mask. The Mask is needed to determine your site. * - means any character. You can enter multiple masks, each in a new line. This flexible way, for example, can help when you want to analyze a site, physically located on different subdomains (http://** ). Then press «Add».

3.Go to the menu item «Positions in the SE». Press «Add» (triangle at the title), a submenu will appear. Here you add a group of phrases, its name, the phrases themselves for verification, search engines, search depth, competitors, proxy (if necessary). Then press «Add».

4.After adding a group of phrases in half an hour or an hour you can see the first results. For this you need to go to the menu item «Projects» and click on your project. Go to the menu item «Position in the SE» (with drop-down submenu). This submenu contains all of the reports about the positions. You can also click on the links in the tables. For example, clicking on the line you will be able to view reports, which data refer only to Yahoo. To the right above there is a submenu to choose the interval of viewing dates and viewing period for comparison. Below there is an example of the reports.